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Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea.

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Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea.

Besides the mode of road transport, air transportation, the form of international sea transportation is also quite popular today. Exploiting this form of transport helps customers have more options suitable for their own goods transportation and ensures the perfect delivery efficiency.

Products And Items Should Be Transported By Sea:

In addition to the types of goods that are strictly forbidden to be transported in any form, sea transportation can accept most types of goods. This is considered one of the most outstanding advantages of sea transport compared to other means of transport. If the goods are rejected by other forms of transportation, you can consider transferring them to sea transport.
Normally, with the goods being transported by sea, they will be divided into groups so that the shipping unit can arrange from there to give the most optimal transportation plan.

– Goods with physical and chemical properties such as: Goods are easy to absorb moisture, dust-like powder … Or dangerous goods such as chemicals, and solutions.

– Goods easily affected by the external environment such as cigarettes, spices, tea …

– Aviation is affected by other items: construction materials such as iron, steel, …

From the advantages as well as the regulations on the items that are allowed to be transported by the form of sea transport, the sender has more for himself to choose to transport the goods effectively, at a quite reasonable price.

If the item does not require a speed of delivery, sea freight is probably one of the optimal transportation options, especially for large-volume orders.

Mode Of Transporting Goods By Sea

Ocean shipping services at Indochina247 are divided into goods according to the modes of transport:

  • Shipping by container
  • Shipping by barge
  •  Transport by refrigerated means.

The method of shipping by sea possesses many outstanding advantages that allow it to be transported at the same time in huge quantities and sizes.

Volume Of Goods Transported By Sea

What is the volume of freight by sea?

The volume of goods transported in international transport is determined by weight and volume. Volume of cargo is calculated according to whichever value is higher.
Each shipping method has different ways of dividing the volume of goods, The way of dividing and determining the volume of goods will be shown below:
How to calculate the number of packages on the current container:
Quantity (container 20) = 28 / bale volume (m3)
Quantity (40 container) = 60 / bale volume (m3)
Quantity (40 high container) = 60 / bale volume (m3)
Bale volume calculation: Bale volume (m) = Length x Width x Height
Example: Your package is d: 0.31, r: 0.32, high: 0.55
Package volume: 0.31 x 0.32 x 0.55 = 0.05456

The amount of goods affects the freight, the packaging process, and the selection of the shipping method.

Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea
Cheap Sea Freight Service To Japan And Korea

Things To Keep In Mind When Transporting Goods By Sea

To ensure smooth and smooth shipping, you need to keep in mind the following:

– Absolutely not transport prohibited items such as opium, rare animals, …

– Check carefully the information in the freight contract. Because the contract is very much related to your interests, avoid losing you.

– In case of need, should buy insurance for the goods to avoid damage or breakdown caused by the carrier. If something goes wrong, the insurance company will compensate you for the damage.

– Selecting the method of transporting goods in accordance with the item and the volume of goods.

– Refer to the sea freight of some different units, to compare and choose the best unit. You can contact the carrier’s Hotline or get a specific quote.

– Choose a reputable and professional sea transportation company. As such, you will both save costs and minimize the delivery time of the goods.

Freight Rates For Sea Freight At Indochina247 Logistics:

Compared with other conventional modes of transport today, sea transport is considered one of the most economical modes of transport and has been chosen by many companies and units.

With a staff of many years of experience in the Logistics profession, Indochina 247 Logistics is committed to providing the cheapest international sea freight rates. When customers come to us, we are also advised on the most economical shipping method for their orders by means of multimodal transport.

The reason we can bring those benefits to customers is thanks to a network of reputable agents covering the region. With that strong advantage, the sea freight forwarding service of Indochina247 Logistics is constantly improving and improving to better serve customers.

With the diversity of sea freight products, owning a variety of equipment and consolidation services. DHD Logistics ensures your goods will arrive at the right time and place with economical fees. We are currently working with many major shipping lines to ensure reliable deliveries.

Sea transport services at DHD Logistics
Compared with air freight, the method of shipping is more diversified with much cheaper cost. DHD Logistics is in charge of transporting the following items:

  • Transport by sea in bulk (LCL)
  • Transport by sea in whole container (FCL)
  • Transport by sea Inland (Domestic)
  • Transport by sea for bulk ship                                                                                                                                                                  Currently, Indochina Logistic is implementing combined transportation services. multiple means of transport in the same order. Therefore, for orders with large, bulky and unique goods, Indochina Logistic still flexibly combines sea transport for fastest delivery of goods.

For more information about sea transportation services provided by Indochina Logistic, customers who call the Hotline number will be consulted and instructed.

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