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Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People

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Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People

More and more people are opening online shops. The source of goods imported from the shops is usually from China. Therefore, the experience of sending goods to Guangzhou, sending goods to China is always a topic of interest to many people. 

Experience Before Sending Goods To China

Ordering and  ordering Chinese goods  today has become so familiar to many people. However, for those who are just starting to want to step into this business, they also face many difficulties and surprises. But that’s okay, in this age of technology you can search for anything just through the computer screen!

According to the statistics given, China currently has the second largest economy in the world after the United States. In Asia alone, one thing is for sure, China is always at the top. It can be said that there is no other country in the world that is capable of producing and selling such great products as China. On average, this country will contribute up to a quarter of the value of global industrial production each year.

With such a huge production scale, factories are always confident to offer startlingly cheap prices. If you don’t believe it, you can completely verify it for yourself by buying in many different places to check the price.

A wide range of quality merchandise means you can get identical looking products at completely different prices. This is explained by the difference in materials and technology when producing that product. The variety of goods is completely understandable, the markets in  China  have always been flooded with novelty items.

Firstly, compared to buying goods in different countries, China is the closest country to our country. Due to the closer distance, faster transit time, less cost is evident. Second,  there are many Chinese delivery services  in our country. The carriers are certainly also due to the fierce competition. So, of course, the beneficiary is the customer.

Where To Choose To Buy In China?

If you want to buy general goods, you can go online and search for sites: taobao, tmall, alibaba, paipai, 1688, chenxifushi, amazon, ebay, …

Large factories are often concentrated in: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, etc.

Experience Before Shipping To China

First of all, you have to find out about the goods you need to buy and the address to buy them

If you plan to  send your own goods from China to Vietnam  , you will have to prepare the following: choose a few shopping locations in case of price pressures, schedule the trip and hire an interpreter (if not know Chinese), learn about legal procedures and regulations, exchange Chinese currency, pocket calculators, etc. You need to choose a reputable company. This unit will do the procedures for you and complete the work on your behalf.

Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Business People

If you are someone who wants to learn more about shipping issues in China, please read the article below:

·         Experience In Self-Delivery To China

You will have to plan everything from travel, costs, place of purchase, destination, shipping, storage and packing, etc. Moreover, you should also prepare a few things. Common Chinese sayings to understand through the transaction. Know the opening and closing times at the workshops to have a reasonable schedule.

The advantage of manual  transfer  is that you will know the actual transaction situation. When you do your own market research, you will also easily come up with many interesting business ideas. However, its downside is that you will likely encounter a lot of risks when transporting.  Moving  on your own will give you a lot of valuable skills and experience. However, you should read our article  on Risks when shipping goods from China  to be more prepared.

·         Experience Using China Consignment Service

The biggest advantage of  China shipping service  is that your goods will be highly guaranteed. There may also be errors in design and quantity, but quality will certainly be guaranteed. In addition, when hiring the service, you will also save a lot of time and money. Whenever you have a need to transport goods from China quickly, please call Indochina247 immediately to experience the service.

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Other Support Services:

  • Advice on declaring item names and HS codes
  • Consulting on packing goods
  • Prepare import and export documents: Contract, Invoice, Packing list, Export declaration, …
  • Support domestic trucking from factory to port
  • Receive export entrustment

Why Choose Indochina247 Logistics?

  • Experienced unit, ready to effectively handle unexpected cases.
  • Professional process, ensuring the safety of goods.
  • Quick time, meet your progress.
  • Reasonable cost, cheapest market up to the present time.
  • Professional staff, dedicated advice.
  • Flexible, responsive, ensuring customer benefits.

If you have any questions, please contact the hotline number directly or visit the official website of Indochina247 Logistics! Your satisfaction is our success!

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Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
LCL sea shipping of new and used clothes to the Faroe Islands

Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
LCL sea shipping of new and used clothes to the Faroe Islands

Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
Experience Of Sending Goods To China For New Startup People
LCL sea shipping of new and used clothes to the Faroe Islands

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