Express Delivery Of Spa Machines For Hair Removal And Tattoo Removal from Italy

Express Delivery Of Spa Machines For Hair Removal And Tattoo Removal From Italy

Today, when the average income of Vietnamese people has positive changes, the demand for beauty using advanced technologies in the world of women is also increasing. This fact not only creates a potential market for investors but also puts great pressure on Spa units in the mid- to high-end segment if they want to retain and attract customers. grumpy.

Specifically, our customer is Slim Up Top Center, one of the prestigious beauty centers that are always at the forefront of applying advanced technology in beauty, and has trusted Indochina247 to be the importer. equipment slimming, lifting skin rejuvenation Eximia HR77 from Italy.

Our customers share that this is one of the core technologies that are exclusive to the company, so they want to entrust it to a reputable and experienced transport company in both transportation and document handling. legal proceedings. Here, we would like to share details about the legal procedures and shipping plan for importing Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam.

Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa - thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam
Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa – thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam

Receive Orders

1.Item and quantity:

  • Eximia HR77 fat reduction, lifting and skin rejuvenation massager – Quantity: 1
  • Laser tattoo removal machine – Quantity: 1
  • Laser hair removal machine – Quantity: 1

2. Total weight: 330kg

3. Delivery point: Italy

4. Delivery point: Ho Chi Minh

5. Product brand: Eximia – Italy

6. Requirements: for official import, authorize Indochina247 to act as the importer.

Consulting On Shipping And Legal Options

After receiving orders, Indochina247 experts would like to advise customers as follows:

A/ Legal Advice

In fact, importing Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam is not easy. The importing unit must firmly grasp the legal regulations of Vietnam and Italy, thereby having the most thorough and accurate transfer of documents and documents.

Step 1: Determine The Product’s HS Code

This is a very important step because it is practically the same Spa equipment, but equipment with different HS codes will have to go through completely different import customs procedures. Because the determination of the HS code classification for an item must be based on the properties, uses, ingredients, operating mechanisms, etc. of that item, we will have to carefully consider the Catalog of each item. The device then determines the HS code as follows:

  • Eximia HR77 fat reduction, lifting, and skin rejuvenation massager – HS code 9022
  • Laser tattoo removal and hair removal machines – HS code group 9019
Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa - thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam
Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa – thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam

If your business has difficulty in determining the HS code of the item, or the import-export procedure, please contact Indochina247 directly for the most accurate advice.

Step 2: Determine If Spa Equipment Is Under The Specialized Management Of The Ministry Of Health Or Must Apply For An Import License

After determining the HS code, we will have to look it up in the following two legal documents:

1. Appendix 1: LIST OF MEDICAL DEVICES REQUIRED TO GRANT IMPORT PERMITS ( Attached to Circular 30/2015/TT-BYT dated by the Minister of Health ) to determine whether imported spa equipment  must be applied for. import license no.

If it is not included in the Appendix, it is not necessary to apply for a license, but the origin, origin and quality of the equipment must be ensured in accordance with the law; note: import ban for used medical devices .

2. LIST OF EQUIPMENT MEDICAL SUBJECT TO SPECIALIZED MANAGEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH (Attached to Circular 14/2018 / TT-BYT of May 15, 2018 by Health Minister t dull ) to determine device Are imported spas under the specialized management of the Ministry of Health? 

If the machinery and equipment to be imported are in the list above, they shall be classified as medical equipment and carry out import procedures like other medical equipment. If it is not in the list above, the procedure for importing spa equipment is the same as for normal goods.

The basic set of documents for classification of medical devices includes:

  • A written request for a classification of medical equipment;
  • Catalog of products (original catalog of products in English);
  • ISO 9001 or ISO 13485 for medical device manufacturers
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa - thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt NamNhập khẩu thiết bị Spa – thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam

Step 3: Determine The Applicable Tax Rate On Spa Equipment

Based on the HS code of the item, we can look up the import and export tax schedule and determine the value added tax (VAT), normal import tax and preferential import tax. Eg:

  • HS code group 9019: VAT = 5%, Ordinary import tax = 5%, Preferential import tax = 0%.
  • HS code group 9022: VAT = 10%, Ordinary import tax = 5%, Preferential import tax = 0%.

In addition, your business should consider having a trade agreement between Vietnam and the country of origin, from which to conduct CO to be exempt from import tax. If your business is wondering about the CO procedure, you can contact us directly for advice and support.

Step 4: Make A Commercial Contract

Imported Spa equipment is branded Eximia, however, it is manufactured by Bionix World factory in Estonia, Italy. Therefore, we must fully consider the export conditions of both parties and decide that the unit that will be named in the commercial contract is the seller.

Conditions include:

  • Consistency of customs clearance documents, which party is the exporter/importer, items, quantity, etc.
  • Has the importing party made payment with Eximia or Bionix?
  • Legal status

In addition, the importing party must also have legal status, which is shown through the business registration of the enterprise.

The commercial contract is the most important document in import and export, this is the basis for all related activities and clearly shows the responsibilities of the two parties, so there can be no errors. If customers still have problems in negotiating and drafting contracts, please contact Indochina247 for detailed advice.

With this order, the shipping terms are FCA Incoterm 2020, which means that the importer will be responsible from the time of lifting at the point of delivery, until the goods arrive at the address of the importer.

After understanding the legal issues, we will plan the transportation and import as follows:

B/ Transportation Plan

With a fairly large total order weight (330kg), there are two suitable shipping options: official LCL retail sea freight or Aircargo (air cargo).

However, with the product characteristics being a device that integrates laser technology, wave technology with great value of goods, if shipping by sea, there will be risks of goods being soaked in sea water, rusted, and long transit time. moving for a very long time (from 20 to 30 days), not meeting the needs of customers.

Therefore, the most optimal transportation option is Aircargo , advantages: fast delivery, goods are guaranteed to be safe and not damaged.

With the order of importing Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam , the basic shipping condition is FCA, so the importer will be responsible for the following risks and costs:

  • International shipping charges
  • Customs clearance and inspection fees in Italy
  • Bill opening fee
  • Additional fees at the airport: THC, security, screening…
  • Customs clearance fee in Vietnam
  • Medical device classification fee (depending on Spa equipment)
  • Fee for applying for a license to import medical equipment (depending on Spa equipment)
  • Domestic shipping in Vietnam

To summarize, in order to get customs clearance for importing Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam, the following basic documents are required:

  • Sales Contract
  • Packing List (Packing List)
  • Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
  • Customs Declaration (Customs Declaration)
  • Air waybill (Airway Bill)
  • Certificate of Origin (if any)
  • Medical device classification (depending on the Spa equipment HS code)
  • Import license (depending on the Spa equipment HS code)
  • Catalog of products
  • ISO of Spa equipment manufacturers
  • Certificate of Free Sale (CFS)

The above is preliminary information about the shipping plan and legal advice for the order to import Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam. In addition, for this difficult order, there are many other issues that need to be understood, please contact directly for support from international shipping, customs procedures and package delivery service. to the warehouse.

Service quote Importing Spa equipment – medical equipment from Italy to Vietnam. Contact for the best price Zalo: 0868.356.797 for advice and specific quotes.

Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa - thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam
Nhập khẩu thiết bị Spa – thiết bị y tế từ Ý về Việt Nam

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