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Quality control of imported goods

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Under the provisions of the Law on Product Quality 21/11/2007 . Goods must check the quality of goods are potentially unsafe goods. Those are the products and goods in terms of transportation, storage, preservation, rational use and purposes, still potentially harmful to humans, animals, plants, property, environment .


The list of quality control of imported goods

  • Quality control of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (Circular 03/2010 / TT-MOLISA dated 19/01/2010). The products, goods safety characteristics, including the type of machine and equipment have strict requirements on labor safety, the public recreation facilities and means of personal protection. For example, boilers, hot water boilers, tanks and barrels for containing or transporting liquefied petroleum gas. Refrigeration systems, steam pipes, hot water, gas, hoists, cranes, cargo cable shaft, winch, electric winch, hand pulling, electric trolley, elevators and end. Forklifts, mobile performances floor, some games and cable, insulated gloves, insulated boots, dust masks, dust mask, safety belts, industrial safety helmet. Respirators, goggles Electric …
  • Quality control of the Ministry of Construction (Circular 15/2014 / TT-BXD dated 09/15/2014). Cement, clay, fly ash, PVC-U, spare tubes, planks afraid, chipboard, artificial plywood, paint, silicone, paving stones, bricks, sand, light concrete …

The list of quality control of imported goods

  • Quality control of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (Circular 41/2015 / TT-BCT dated 24/11/2015). Chemicals, fertilizers and explosives. Special machines industrial equipment (boilers, LPG stations, LPG cylinders, steam pipes and hot water, generator explosion and transformer explosion and anti-explosion electric motors, control room equipment explosion, explosion proof cables, explosion proof lights, electric blasting machine), textile products.
  • Quality control of the Ministry of Information and Communications (Circular 05/2014 / TT-BTTTT 19/03/2014). Including: terminals (telephone, mobile phone). Radio equipment, radar, radio navigation and radio equipment close range. Machinery, digital microwave transmission equipment, amplifiers, computers, laptops, home computers, decoders, switches, gateway equipment. Firewall equipment, optical transmission equipment …

The list of quality control of imported goods


  • Quality control of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Circular 01/2009 / TT-BKHCN 20/03/2009). Gasoline, fuel diezen, helmets, electrical products. Electronics, wiring, hot water heaters, hair dryers, irons, microwave, rice cooker, kettle, toaster, electric fans, ethanol, toys …
  • Quality control of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. (Circular 50/2009 / TT-BNN dated 18/08/2009 and Circular 50/2010 / TT-BNN dated 30/08/2010). Plant breeding, plant protection products, animal feed for chickens, ducks, pigs, calves, beef cattle, machinery and equipment for agricultural production.
  • Quality control of the Ministry of Transport (Circular 63/2011 / TT-BGTVT). Cars, passenger cars, tractors, trailers. Motorcycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles two tricycles. Cranes, Cranes, Gantry Cranes. railway vehicles (locomotives, wagons, vehicles dedicated motivation). Inland vessels and vehicles, floats, lifebuoys, boilers, pressure vessels, drilling platforms. Exploration equipment, aircraft, maritime signs, traffic signals. Structural works road, rail, inland waterways, maritime and aviation. Pilotage services, maritime security services and aviation, coastal information services, …

The list of quality control of imported goods

  • Quality control of the Ministry of Health (Circular 41/2011 / TT-BYT dated 06/12/2011). Finished drugs, vaccines, biological treatment. Medical equipment. (Diagnostics, X-rays, endoscopy, infusion, scalpels, infant incubator, infant heaters. Air anesthesia, ventilation, breaking heart fibrillation, pacemaker, oxygen chamber, contact lenses,. ..). Chemical preparations against insects (mosquitoes, insects, larvae …). Bactericidal (sa antiseptic, disinfectant surfaces ..). Herbal medicine toxicity (rustic pine, word parts, the first cell, the new economic, code progress, orange contentment, …). Equipment traditional medicine (drug chromatograph, packing, steam, electric magnets ..)
  • Quality control of the Ministry of Public Security (Circular 14/2012 / TT-BCA dated 20/03/2012). Fire protection equipment, means of checking the speed of motor vehicles. Measured alcohol concentration, batons, body armor, shields, helmets for police, fire …

Service registration and quality control of imported goods quickly and accurately.

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