Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

In recent years, Korean items have appeared popularly and diversely in Vietnam, such as cosmetics, food, electronic components, footwear, household goods … Through quality verification, “Made in Korea” products are highly appreciated by Vietnamese users. Besides, products exported to Korea from Vietnam are also very popular and dominated in this market. Therefore, the demand for trading goods  between the two countries is more and more increasing. Indochina247, one of the leading logistics company, professionally provides consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

 North Korean seaports:

– Incheon Port

– Daesan Port

– Gunsan Port

– Gyeongin Port

– Yanghang Port

– Mokpo Port

– Pyeongtaek- Dangjin Port

The questions related to shipping by sea.

Do you want to advise shipping by sea from Viet Nam to West Korean ports?

What is the shipping process this season?

Are shipping and customs clearance procedures complicated? What’s included?

Which shipping unit is reputable when advising on sea transport to West Korean ports?

Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

When customers shall use sea freight services?

According to the survey, nearly 80% of the total volume of goods in international trade is transported by sea, so the form of transport is an effective option for the following reasons:

  • Goods do not need to be rushed and do not need fast transportation and the shipping time is comfortable.
  • Transporting heavy packages with a weight of 250kg (in weight) or 1.50m3 or more (in volume)
  • Sending items that other vehicles such as air and postal usually do not accept
  • Transporting goods in large quantities.
  • Shipping routes at sea are almost natural transport routes, so there are fewer obstacles when compared to travelling roads.
  • Shipping is more secure than other forms of transport because it is basically less likely to collide between cargo ships.
  • It saves the maximum cost when compared to the air way.

General introduction about Indochina247 and our sea freight services:

Indochina247 is one of the service units specializing in supporting the delivery of goods abroad by sea with cheap prices with many attractive incentives. We specialize in shipping goods exported by sea to many countries, delivering goods quickly, ensuring almost absolute safety thanks to our traditional relationships with many agents around the world. Indochina247 is proud of having a professional, dedicated and very experienced staff. We are ready to answer all  customers’s questions related to procedures, roadmaps, plans to send goods abroad. We ensure the process of using your services always go smoothly and effectively.

Our shipping routes:

  • Seagull to Singapore.
  • Hai Phong to Incheon – South Korea.
  • Hai Phong to Busan – South Korea.
  • Hai Phong to Shanghai.
  • Hai Phong to Shekou – China.
  • Hai Phong to Hong Kong (Hong Kong) – China.
  • Hai Phong to Keelung – Taiwan.
  • Hai Phong to NAGOYA – TOKYO – YOKOHAMA – KOBE – OSAKA (Japan).
  • Hakata – Moji (Japan).
  • Hai Phong to Port K’Lang Malaysia
  • Hai Phong to Bangkok Thailand.
  • Hai Phong to LAEM CHABANG Thailand.
  • The coast guard goes to North Manila Philippines.
  • The coast guard goes to Jakarta Indonesia. 


Transport goods internationally by sea with the following service packages:

  • Bulk: Goods that cannot be put in containers but must be packed on the deck or in the cabin. For example, excavators, cranes… are equipment large, long or oversized container.
  • LCL (Less Container Load): The amount of goods is less than 10m3 not enough to close separately into a container.
  • FCL Container Shipping (Full Container Load): 20-foot, 40-foot, 40 HQ containers

The items we receive international shipping by sea:

  • Furniture items: Beds, cabinets, tables, chairs …
  • Fashion shipments: Shoes, bags, clothes,…
  • Technology items: Tablets, laptops, phones …
  • Types of sample goods, documents, papers
  • Types of household items
  • Transportation of essential machinery
  • Fibers, textile fibers of all kinds, garments, textiles, fabrics, technical fabrics
  • Raw materials for garment and textile industry
  • Means of transport and parts, bicycles, motorcycles
  • Ceramic, porcelain, glass and glass products
  • Iron, steel of all kinds.
  • Courier nails tools: Staples, shampoo, cosmetics …
  • Food courier: Dried shrimp, dried fish, dried squid, coffee, tea, confectionery…
  • Many other items depending on the requirements of customers (except for prohibited goods, dangerous goods …). If the customer still intentionally sends these items, if something happens, you will be held accountable to the law.
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports
Consultancy for sea freight from Viet Nam to West Korean ports

Procedures for consulting sea freight services to West Korea ports:

The article below we will provide you the detailed information about our export service of goods from Vietnam to international places.

Step 1: Receive information and make a support plan

The necessary information for sea freight orders to Korea that customers need to provide for

  • Foreign contracts
  • Invoice, packing list
  • Address 2 heads of delivery and delivery
  • HS code of row (If any)
  • MSDS and product announcement (Where goods are cosmetics, chemicals, chemicals…)
  • Specified delivery method
  • Seaport or airport designated 2 ends
  • Phone number and contact email.

After having the above information, we will make a plan and check all fees to send customers as soon as possible.

Step 2: Field survey, transportation plan and quote

In this step divided into small parts as follows;

Field survey:

This step is for orders that need pick-up at the top of Vietnam. Concrete:

We need to go to the pick-up address to survey the goods, terrain at where goods are packed, craned and transported to the designated port or airport.

Items that need to be packed with wood to ensure the goods:

  • Supporting wood packing for goods such as ceramics, porcelain, connoisseurs
  • Support for packing wood for goods are papers, documents
  • Support for packing wood for goods that are electronics
  • Supporting the packing of wood for goods that are household items
  • Supporting wood packing for bulky, bulk goods
  • Supports packing wood for goods that are dry food
  • Supporting the construction of wood for goods that are machinery and equipment
  • And many other items…

Plan for transportation:

After a field survey, Indochina247 conducted a plan to arrange the packing schedule, arrange pick-up vehicles and advise on the packaged shipping plan for customers.

Arrange the self-loading crane to the pick-up address for craning goods onto the truck.

Shipping goods from address at Ha Noi or Sai Gon to Hai Phong port or Saigon.

Shipping from Hai Phong or Saigon port to international ports.

Shipping quotes and customs procedures in Vietnam.

The transportation plan is the basis for quote the whole process of exporting goods to customers. After clarifying each part of the shipping process, we will send you CIF quotes.

For the exact charge for the order, please contact hotline: 0868.356.797

or email:

Step 3: Billing and shipping

  • After the commitment period, the goods are transferred to the warehouse of in Hai Phong or Saigon. We will take a second weight measurement. Our system will then notify you of the total charge based on the originally closed unit price. Please pay correctly and in installments as committed by both parties in the Contract.
  • In addition, we will book ships, make declarations and take steps to support exports as specified in the Contract. All documents related to the shipment, Indochina247 will return to customers after the goods are exported from Vietnam and we receive full payment charges from you.

 Indochina247 customer support service:

  • Receiving export mandates at a reasonable fee
  • Loading and unloading goods, lifting and lowering machinery and equipment
  • Pallet packing, export packages
  • Declaration and completion of customs procedures
  • Provide complete and accurate export profiles:
    • Bill of bill
    • Invoice
    • Packing list
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Disinfection certification
    • Other documents related to the shipment…

Contact us:

Indochina International Postal Joint Stock Company

Address: 157 Lang Pagoda Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

Tel: 0868.356.797



Youtube: Indochina247 Import and Export

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Hotline: 0868.356.797

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